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Independent type power sprayer ass-200f


A brand new product has been released!! With its powerful durability, it is an electric sprayer that farmers can drive, and it can be also used for various kinds of fruit growing (including grapes, apples and peaches).
Right after purchasing the electric sprayer that farmers can drive of A-SUNG, you will get a good friend that can help to spray agricultural chemicals.

  • Excellent performance! Comfortable work! Spraying evenly!
  • It is easy to load it on vehicles, and it is very safe with a compulsive brake.
  • Thanks to the raised position of the fan as it was designed, the fan does not reach the ground to keep it from damaging when loading the spray on vehicles.
Model Size(mm) =LWH Liquid tank capacity Weight Pump Engine
Type Suction capacity Maximum pressure Revolution Model Type Maximum torque Fuel
ASS-200F 2,080890980 200 160kg Quad piston type 14-22/min 20~35kgf/ 800~1,200rpm AS-170FAE 4 Cycle 4.0kW/ 3,600rpm Unleaded gasoline

To improve quality and performance, above mentioned specification coule be changed without any notice.